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Leaky Building Assessments


With considerable expertise in investigating and reporting on “weather tightness” related failures in domestic and commercial buildings, we offer invasive and non-invasive moisture testing. We are also commissioned by the Ministry of Building, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) to complete Quantity Surveying & Cost Estimates relating to remediation of leaky buildings, along with specialist Determination Reports.

Our qualified and experienced Building Surveyors carry out comprehensive defect analysis and provide full reports to highlight any problems with leaky buildings or homes and a solution as to proper repairs. Detailed construction estimates for the necessary remediation work can then be provided by our Quantity Surveyors.


  • Liaise with your lawyer
  • Complete a detailed site investigation and carry out invasive testing using the latest technology, see:
  • Compile a comprehensive written report including cost estimates
  • Provide specialist remediation design and expertise
  • Tender the remediation work and recommend experienced builders
  • Project Manage all remediation work
  • Provide expert advice in legal proceedings


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“I am of the opinion that it would be difficult to find a more professional and competent team than Grant Hunt Building Consultants Ltd."

Philip Rossell, client, Blenheim

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