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Sum Insured Insurance Cost Certificates

image 5From June 1st 2013 a home or commercial insurance policy requires renewals to be insured up to a maximum specified amount or a total sum insured.

To gain a true Sum Insured valuation of your property our Quantity Surveyors measure and cost the full replacement of all features and details of your property.

Firstly using the Council plans & specifications we provide a quote for the cost to measure all features and details of the property including demolition, re-construction of external features (for example retaining walls) and full replacement on a like for like basis.

Then our qualified Quantity Surveyors use the measure to complete an Insurance Certificate that will establish your total Sum Insured or replacement cost sum.

Future updating of the Sum Insured Insurance Cost Certificate involves any inflationary changes and measuring & costing of any renovations, landscaping or added recreational features (e.g. swimming pool).

Contact us today for a quote for an Insurance Cost Certificate on your residential or commercial property.


Grant Hunt Building Consultants Limited recently completed insurance valuations for us. We were very impressed with their efficiency, service and helpfulness. They produced the desired result within the timeframe given and with great detail and accuracy. I would thoroughly recommend Grant and his team.

, Garry Munro, Manager, Trailways Hotel Nelson & Delorenzo's Apartments